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Empowering Teams and Organizations with High-Quality Custom Apparel and Sporting Goods Solutions.

From Design to Delivery, We’ve Got You Covered.

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At our store, we are passionate about bringing your ideas to life. Our range of printing techniques, attention to detail, and commitment to quality ensure visually captivating and unique pieces that reflect your style and vision. Experience the artistry and craftsmanship that sets us apart by contacting us today.

What to expect

Vast Selection

 We understand that every team and organization is different, which is why we provide an extensive range of high-quality sporting goods and apparel options. From jerseys and uniforms to hats, bags, and beyond, we have something to suit every style and need.


We believe that your sporting goods and apparel should be as unique as your team. Our cutting-edge printing technology ensures vibrant colors and durable designs that will withstand the test of time.

Expert Guidance

With years of experience in the industry, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you’re unsure about design choices, fabric selection, or sizing options, we’ll provide expert guidance to ensure you make informed decisions that align with your vision and requirements.

Quick Turnaround

We understand the importance of timely delivery, especially when it comes to sporting events and team schedules. Our streamlined production process enables us to deliver your custom apparel and sporting goods with impressive speed, without compromising on quality.

Exceptional Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring that your experience with Locker Room is nothing short of amazing. We’re here to address any questions, concerns, or special requests you may have, making your journey with us seamless and enjoyable.

Quality Assurance

We take pride in delivering top-notch quality in every product we offer. Our strict quality standards ensure that you receive sporting goods and custom apparel that meet the highest standards. You can trust us to provide durable, comfortable, and visually appealing products that will exceed your expectations.


Screen Printing

Our versatile technique transfers vibrant and detailed designs onto various surfaces. It's perfect for customizing t-shirts, jerseys, and promotional items, allowing your vision to come to life in visually stunning prints.


Elevate your apparel with the timeless artistry of embroidery. Our skilled embroiderers stitch intricate designs onto fabric, adding texture, dimension, and an elegant touch. From team logos to personalized monograms, our embroidery service adds sophistication to your garments.

Heat Press

Personalize and customize various items with our heat press service. Using heat and pressure, we create durable designs that withstand the test of time. Add member names and numbers or promotional branding like logos and tag lines to clothing, bags, and more.


Printing: Immerse yourself in the world of vibrant and high-quality designs. Through sublimation, we create long-lasting prints with original colors and intricate details. Customize clothing, mugs, phone cases, and more, unlocking endless possibilities.

Design & Artwork

Looking for some creative inspiration?  If you do not have your design and artwork direction in mind, we can flex your creativity with Locker Rooms’ design team. Customize colors, patterns, and add logos effortlessly to bring your ideas to life.

Our extensive artwork library provides a vast collection of high-quality graphics, fonts, and inspiration for your designs. Collaborate seamlessly with your team, sharing designs and gathering feedback to refine your creations. Visualize your designs on realistic apparel mockups to make informed decisions and create compelling designs.